Ibiza leader in Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering Solutions Ibiza


We carry out all forms of routine service and maintenance to manufacturers’ specifications. Servicing of engines, generators, ancillary systems, and fuel cleaning are all available.

In-season downtime equals money wasted – we aim to avoid this by preventative maintenance.


Our ethos is that all systems are repairable. We will repair anything. With extensive experience in marine engineering, we are able to solve problems effectively and rectify them using a holistic rather than a piecemeal approach.

The sea is big – system reliability is paramount.


Nothing lasts forever. We undertake complete refits which include:

• Machine room
• Ancillary equipment
• Upholstery
• Decks
• rigging

Arranging individual contractors is difficult – we can meet all of your needs in-house.

Sales/purchase and rental

With our extensive network of contacts in Ibiza and the Balearics, we can assist with the sale/purchase of your vessel, or with charter arrangements.

We can save you this time-consuming process.

Winterising and Storage

We will arrange for the safe downtime of your vessel, either in the water or in our extensive storage facility. Engine winterizing, water systems, cleaning, de-humidifying – all aspects will be attended to.

Our priority is to avoid nasty and expensive surprises when you return to your vessel next season.


Avoid unnecessary expense and worry. With our skilled staff, we can carry out full technical inspections of all aspects of your vessel, including below the waterline. Inspections can be carried out for pre-purchase or insurance reasons or simply for peace of mind.

‘Out of sight is out of mind’ is NOT our company ethos.